ACCA Exam: The Big Freeze

Students under pressure

During the December 2010 exams many people suffered a 3 hour freeze while taking their all important exams. The conditions were not suitable and this issue had been raised by many, but what is being done to prevent it happening next year?

Exam left me cold
I have written to the ACCA to
complain about the temperature in
the Leeds sports hall where ACCA
students sat their exams. PQs were
sitting papers wearing their winter
coats. I had so many layers on – as
well as my scarf and gloves – that I
could hardly move. I now have a
cold and a stiff back and neck as a
result. The exams are hard enough
as it is without making us sit them
in such torturous conditions. I know
the ACCA has no control over the
weather, but is a comfortable exam
centre too much to ask for?
Some allowance for the
conditions should be made when
marking the papers. How are you
expected to pass when you can
hardly hold a pen because your
hands are so cold?

Sourced from PQ Magazine

I feel as though there is not much that can be done as some halls like the one I was at; Alexander Palace in London is too large to warm up by 10am with heating. When facing a strict time pressured paper having cold fingers does make a difference in the speed at which you can write your page long answers.  Maybe ACCA should consider moving halls where this has been an issue but the dilemma lies whether it is cost-effective and practical.

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